Blog Post 1: About Me

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My name is Darby Jo Robinson. I am starting this blog to keep track of my thoughts on my major and academic interests while I attend Oklahoma State University, and to reminisce on various topics provided by my professor. Going into my freshman year, it was not really clear to me what major I wanted to study or what profession I wanted to enter into after graduating. Here I am starting second semester of my freshman year, and I am still indefinitely indecisive. I am currently in the Spears School of Business studying accounting, but it could change to business management, marketing, or even finance. I love dealing with money and can definitely see myself rolling in it when I’m older. I know for a fact that I want to own my own business and could see myself thriving in that area due to my personality and leadership abilities.

In addition, I received my cosmetology license in May of 2015, after participating in a two year beauty school program that was provided free through my high school.  While I’m here at school, I cut, color, and style hair in my apartment to help pay for the necessities that I need throughout college, which also allows me to keep my technique in tip top shape if I were to choose being a stylist as my profession. I have been pondering a lot on the idea of owning my own hair salon/salons and being a stylist at the same time. My biggest inspiration would be my mother, who has owned her own salon for almost 30 years now. She has seen great success in the small business world and could give me great tips in the future.


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