Blog 2: Bossy Business

The subject I am most interested in studying about is business. Yes, the business field is made up of many  subcategories and having a business degree can create various job opportunities in the work field. For me, research has played a big role in the decision of choosing my major. As I have been brainstorming this past week, I had a “come to Jesus” moment and a light bulb went off in my head. I have decided that I am very interested in things such as home décor and the idea of possibly owning my own clothing line or store. That being said I will need to change my current major of accounting to something that will be more effective and useful for me, such as business management or entrepreneurship. So back to researching I go.

The Oklahoma State University library has many resources and articles that pertain to my desired major. Listed below are two links to the OSU library website, where you yourself can access information about an entrepreneurship major or business management major.

For every desired major, there is a specific librarian assigned to each subject to help you get further information or point you in the right direction towards some informational articles to read. For the business section, Victor Baeza, shown in the photograph below, is the man to seek. He is dedicated to helping anyone and everyone interested in the business field. Baeza sees students by appointment, which can be scheduled through his Email.

Profile Image

One popular database, and my personal favorite, provided on the site is Business Source Premier. The Business Source Premier is a business journal and periodical articles covering management economics, finance, accounting, international business and more. Most inclusive general business database. This type of database applies to business in general, rather than covering one specific subcategory in the field of business.

Don’t hesitate to visit the site if business is something that you are even the slightest bit interested. The site has endless amounts of databases to choose from. Just go take your pick and gain that knowledge.

Oklahoma State Library Major Research Guide




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