Blog 3: Do You Know How To Read?

Project 1: Summary

Do you know how to read? When being asked this question, the common man would connect it to the act of reading, as in being able to speak words that one looks at off of a piece of paper, such as a book or an article from a website. But, even if they are correctly pronouncing the words, do they really know how to read? Being able to comprehend what you’re reading and the paratext around the text, plays a big role in the enjoyment and purpose of reading. There are certainly a lot of different aspects to look at before diving straight into a piece of text.

The first thing you should look at is the title of the article. In this case, the title of the article is “How to Launch Your Own Clothing Line.” What do you think the title “How to Launch Your Own Clothing Line,” tell you about what you’re going to read? It’s most likely going to give you advice on starting your own clothing line. So, by reading the title beforehand, it gives you an idea about what you’re initially about to read. It is very important to read the title because you don’t want to start reading something if you don’t even have a clue what it is about.

The next thing to look at is the website itself. Ask yourself, is the website a reliable source to me? Does it look credible? Is it relatable to the topic? The website is called “Business News Daily,” which tells me that it is a website all about business. Looking around the website and seeing things that say start your business, grow your business, and build your career, indicates that the website is reliable and relates to my topic of owning my own business.

The author is another important aspect to look at because you want to make sure the author is educated on your topic and has experience in the area. You don’t want to be reading an article about creating your own clothing line if the author is not skilled in this area of interest OR has no clue what he/she is talking about. In this case, the author did not have a link connected to her name, so I had to look her up on google. By simply typing the authors name in on google, you can learn more about his/her background and level of education. In some cases, the authors name will be embedded to a page that has information all about them on it. When typing in google the author of this article, Nicole Fallon Taylor, information pops up about her stating that she is a writer/editor with a degree in Media, Culture & Communications from New York University, showing me that she is a credible author.

Looking at the time and date of when the article was created is the next step in analyzing a text before you read it. Is the text outdated? Is the article still relevant to today’s day and time? In this case the article was written on September 20th, 2013. It is now 2016, and although the style of clothing has change the steps to creating your own clothing line have stayed relatively the same over the past three years. Now if the article had been dated back to 2006 or even 2000, then the article would be outdated due to the constant evolution of technology that could help you to start up your clothing line. It is very important to check the dates of the articles you read because you don’t want to read something that is going to give you old information.

The last thing you should do before reading the actual text itself is skim through the article and check out the links and pictures. Links and pictures are placed in the text to keep the readers engaged in what they are reading. Pictures show examples of things being talked about in the articles and keep the reader engaged. Although clicking a link does take you away from the text and over to another page, it still allows you to check out some of the resources the author talks about in more depth. How boring would it be to read a long article with big paragraphs, no pictures, and no links? You would most likely want to stop reading.

By looking at all of the things I have talked about in the paragraphs above, you will be more prepared to start reading the actual text itself. Happy Reading!

Do you know how to read?


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