Blog 10: Cellphones, Can They Cause Brain Cancer?



The purpose of why I chose to use “Do Cellphones Cause Brain Cancer” as my topic is because I wanted to inform the audience that cellphones could possibly be a factor that may lead to brain cancer. This infographic is intended to reach anyone that currently uses cellphones to create awareness of the recent studies being done. Although there are limited number of studies that have been done on this topic, my infographic is filled with many facts and statistics that have been gathered so far. In the first block, I chose to state the topic question so that the audience knows exactly what they are about to read. I used an arrow to direct the audience’s eyesight down towards the information. I made the cellphone font slimmer to draw more attention to the question, “Can They Cause Cancer.” For the second block, I stated the short-term and long-term effects of how cellphones effect the brain in smaller ways. These symptoms are components that could be connected to brain cancer. I used circular photo frames on the short-term side instead of listing the symptoms out because I thought it was a more creative way to display my information. On the long-term side, I bolded the numbers to simply add pizazz. The third block presents two statistics to show that there are a very high percentage of people that own cellphones. I broke the statistics down into two different age groups, teenagers and adults. I used two graphics to represent the specific age groups listed. I outlined the facts to emphasize their importance in the infographic. For the fourth block, I chose to share a graph with the audience to show the increased growth of cellphone subscribers in the world. The graph starts in 1986 and ends in present day 2016 to show the wide range of time the use of cellphones had to increase. I outlined the graph with a hexagon to display the graph as the main focus in this section. Around the hexagon are four facts about brain cancer. I chose to display these facts to show the huge number gap between people who own cellphones and people who are getting diagnosed with brain cancer. With such a high amount of people who own cellphones, wouldn’t there be a high amount of people diagnosed with brain cancer? I decided to go with three basic colors to keep the infographic well organized and put together. I chose grey for one of my colors because grey is the color that represents brain cancer support and awareness. The national color for brain cancer in America is grey as well. Black is a somber color, which I used because it creates a depressing effect due to the seriousness of brain cancer. Blue was my third and final color because it generates a calm effect to go along with the gloomy topic. Overall, my infographic is simple and quiet because I wanted the audience to take the topic seriously. Although my question could not be answered, I created an infographic that is unbiased and still managed to give good information about cellphones and brain cancer.


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