Blog 12: No Research Required

Cellphones effect the brain in many different ways. It is easy to see that cellphones have created a lot of change in the way we act, feel, and interact with other people around us. My first argument is that cellphones are a distraction to humans. Everywhere I look, people are looking down at their phones instead of being present with what they are doing. They cause humans to be distracted from just about anything, such as driving, listening to lectures, and even having one on one conversations with other humans around them.

Another way cellphone effect humans is by changing the way we socially interact with others. Relationships have gone downhill since the “cool” way to show affection now is by sending a text message. It has caused some people to become socially awkward, leaving them nervous to have a one on one conversation with another human being. People are starting to say things through text messages that they would normally never say in person.

The third way cellphones effect the human brain is by keeping us up at night. Many times people stay on their cellphones right up until they shut their eyes to fall asleep, or at least try to fall asleep. The bright light from the phone causes the brain to stay awake and engaged. Staying off of the cellphone for a couple hours before going to bed will give the brain time to shut down properly, insuring that you have a great night of sleep.


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